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About Airparx: The Global Leader in Inflatable Parks and Trampoline Parks

At Airparx, together with our parent company Airquee, we boast a rich legacy as one of the world’s most established commercial leisure equipment manufacturers. Our journey began in the 1980s, with our influence now extending to every continent. From our humble origins in South England and Wales, we have evolved to encompass manufacturing facilities in Romania, supported by a global workforce that is set to grow from over 300 to 500 employees in the coming year.

In-House Expertise and Full Control

Airparx stands out as one of the few companies worldwide that handles every aspect of design, development, manufacturing, sales, and aftercare within our organisation. We take pride in maintaining tight control over project management, minimising subcontracting to ensure comprehensive oversight. Our extensive experience enables us to craft cohesive, well-balanced entertainment spaces, maximising returns without favouring one element over another.

Why Choose Airparx

Our portfolio encompasses PVC, wood, fibreglass, and metal manufacturing, each product being uniquely tailored to the Airparx brand. Our sales and design team collaborates closely with you to craft projects that infuse your facility with fun, entertainment, and profitability.

Our substantial global infrastructure guarantees timely and budget-conscious delivery, backed by excellent after-sales support. Our dedicated in-house compliance team possesses in-depth knowledge and vital relationships, ensuring adherence to essential certifications and health and safety requirements across multiple global territories.

Meet the Airparx Team

Our Airparx team boasts unparalleled expertise in the active entertainment FEC industry. They are not only well-versed in the latest trends but also possess a profound understanding of the fundamental activities that should anchor any project. Whether you’re envisioning a trampoline park, inflatable park, or soft play area, our team is your valuable resource.

Rob ChristieGroup Commercial Director

Erika Jozsa  – Client Services Director

Daniel Billington  – Head of Business Development

Oliver Perry  – Head of Inflatable Parks

Orsi Kadar  – Project Manager

Boti Kosma – Technical Admin

Giacomo Di-Lullo – Marketing Manager

Adam Kardasz – Head Designer

Our State-of-the-Art Factory

Our factory ranks as the largest in Europe, sprawling across 17,000 square meters (approximately 180,000 square feet). To put it in perspective, it spans about 1.5 kilometers in length from one end to the other. This expansive manufacturing operation, complemented by design, quality control, and administrative teams, grants us significant advantages in innovating, adapting to industry trends, ensuring productivity, and offering competitive pricing.

Located in Romania, our factory enjoys excellent connectivity to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the USA, and the Far and Middle East. Designed with ergonomics in mind, our facility caters to carpentry, metal engineering, PVC stitching, drop stitch assembly, and PVC welded manufacturing, all under one roof. Here, we produce inflatables, water parks, trampoline parks, soft play areas and every other facet of our diverse portfolio.

We take immense pride in presenting our extensive and proficient manufacturing facility, a unique asset in our industry. We warmly invite you to explore it firsthand.

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