About Us

Who are Airparx

Airparx and our mother company Airquee are one of the longest established commercial leisure equipment manufacturers in the world. Our roots extend back to the 1980’s and our global growth has reached every continent. With humble beginnings in the South of England and Wales, we now have manufacturing facilities in Romania and a global workforce of over 300 people which will reach 500 in the coming year.

Airparx is one of the only in-house design, development, manufacture and sales & aftercare FEC companies in the world. We rarely subcontract, preferring to maintain a tight control of project management in-house. Our experience helps us create the best mixed spaces to give you the best possible chance to maximise returns because we don’t favour one element over any other.

Why Airparx

Our business consists of PVC, wood, fibreglass and metal manufacturing and or products are individual to the Airparx brand. Our sales & design team will work closely with you to create the project to give your facility the best possible opportunity to be fun, entertaining and as profitable as possible.

Our sizeable and international infrastructure means that customers all over the world can rest assured that we can deliver on time and on budget with excellent after sales service too. Our dedicated in-house compliance team also have relationships and knowledge of important certification & health and safety matters in multiple global territories to ensure adherence to local requirements.

Meet the Team

Our Airparx team is second-to-none when it comes to understanding the active entertainment FEC industry. Their knowledge of the latest trends as well as the rock-solid activities that should always feature in projects is incredibly valuable to any customer considering opening up a trampoline park, inflatable park or soft play area

Rob Group Commercial Director

Daniel – Global Head of

Oliver – Senior Account

Mariane – Production

Erika – Production

Anna- Marketing Manager

Barney – Project Manager

Adam S – Project Manager

Ottilia – Logistics Manager

Our Factory

Our factory is the largest in Europe, occupying 17,000 Sq M (approx. 180,000 Sq ft). In context, it is about 1.5km each way from start to the furthest point.

Having such a large manufacturing operation with accompanying design, manufacturing, quality control and administrative staff gives us huge advantages when it comes to creating new ideas, jumping and adjusting to current trends and of course, productive output & competitive prices.

We are based in Romania with excellent connections to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the USA and far & middle East.

Our factory is ergonomically designed to cater for our carpentry work, metal engineering and fabrication, PVC stitching, drop stitch assembly and PVC welded manufacturing. It is all under these roofs we manufacture inflatables, water parks, climbing walls, trampoline parks, soft play areas, ropes courses and everything else in our portfolio.

We are not aware of another company in the World that can lay claim to such an extensive and competent manufacturing facility in our industry. We are proud to introduce it and will gladly welcome you to it.

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