Retro Fit & Add Ons

Airparx design and manufacture several add-on products that can be perfectly and easily retrofitted to your trampoline park, inflatable park or family entertainment centre. We have continually grown our portfolio of add on products specifically designed and selected to fill underperforming areas in your trampoline park or FEC.

Many of them have no installation costs and can be fitted without any major alteration to your existing equipment, our add-on features include inflatable games, interactive features and attractions, climbing activities and many more. They provide cost effective options for relaunch packages and refreshing one dimensional parks into multi-activity offerings or FEC by increasing dwell times and user experience.

Explore Our Range Of Features

All Airparx inflatable parks are created as a bespoke solution to fit your space. These installations can combine features to create a unique user experience. Looking for inspiration? Why not check out some of our previous installations.


Last One Standing
Power Play Sport Pitch
Gym Mat
Rodeo Bull
Drop Slide

Last One Standing Games

Watch the spinning arm, get your timing right…… JUMP! The last one standing is one of the most popular features of any FEC venue. Fantastic fun for up to 6 players, this enclosed team building/challenge game will sweep you off your feet – quite literally! With the same basis as our other Last One Standing inflatable, you have to duck dodge and weave to avoid being hit by not one but TWO beams at different heights!

We couldn’t get more fiendish if we tried! But we want to challenge you, keep you on your toes and then knock you off your feet!

Power Play Sport Pitch

A traditional, enclosed sports pitch with a twist. Work as a team to hit your opponents’ light-up interactive targets and defend your own all while bouncing on our airtight gym mattress. Perfect for parties and group competitions and can be used for many different sports. The bright and eye catching top sheets can be branded with colour, marked out for a particular sport or white labelled with a logo.

Gym Mats

They are the best solution for your gymnast’s safety and comfort and an increasingly popular feature in any FEC.

Whether you are looking for a full size mattress for floor routines, or you just need lanes to practice your tumbles, our Airtight Gym Mattress is the answer.


Rodeo Bull

Hold on tight!

We design, manufacture and supply all of our mechanical products in house which means we can assure top quality.

The classic rodeo bull design is still popular to this day but you don’t have to follow the crowd.



Drop Slide

A recent addition to the add on range, perfect as a stand-alone attraction or as part of a larger climbing installation. Thrill seekers are kitted out into a protective suit and helmet, then holding on to a handlebar, you are pulled up the face of the slide. At the 9-metre high top, you can let go at any time you choose and speed down the face of slide to a safe and steady landing.

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