Airparx on site – Photoshoot day

This month we had a fantastic marketing opportunity – on Friday, 7th October the team was visiting three previous project sites we had never been to before. We tried and tested our products – and based on our own experience, we can fully recommend them all!

We visited two Gravity Active Entertainment sites – both fantastic trampoline parks equipped with all the features you could ask for!

The first location was Gravity Luton – where we equipped the park with a Mini Inflatable Park, an Air Ninja, Battle Beams, and a Modular Playground and Soft Play Area for the toddlers.

Racing through the Air Ninja is intense – it tests both your strength and agility. But you get to slide down on the inflatable slide at the end, so it’s worth every minute of it, even if you didn’t win the competition. This is a fun, secure, and smart element that can either stand alone or co-join with the rest of your park. The product is unique because of this seamless link between fixed structure and inflatable technologies.  

Combining trampolines with interactive games was another one of our favourites – because everything is more fun if it’s a game, let alone a competition! We equipped Gravity’s site in Northampton with various interactive games, which we all tried out: including an Interactive Cardio Wall, and an Interactive SportsPitch. Besides the trampolines and interactive games, the site also features a transparent climbing wall – with a spectacular view of the city, and various add-on features such as a Last One Standing game, and a Jump Tower with Airbag.

Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a third location in our tour, so we visited Futures Fun Factory at MarshFarm Luton – a lovely place for the local community with fantastic staff. We tried out all the climbing walls we installed, including the Stairways to Heaven – which probably gave the biggest adrenaline rush of them all.

The day was full of fantastic experiences – a unique opportunity for the team, and great material for future use.

We cannot wait for the next photoshoot!