Fun Climbing Walls

Airparx are a world leading indoor climbing wall supplier based in the UK and we are established as one of the major global brands in the design, manufacture and supply of fun climbing walls. Controlling every process in-house, our prices are competitive and we are able to create bespoke & creative walls, as well as core standard designs. We also have a dedicated team of climbing wall installers who understand the fine & vital details of climbing wall installation.

Fun Climbing Walls & Bouldering

Airparx are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Climbing Walls and Bouldering Walls. Both are a fantastic addition to any indoor adventure park, Trampoline Park or leisure centre where there is a desire or need to expand adventure activities, offering a safe versatile attraction for all the family. Since the announcement that climbing will become an Olympic sport we have seen the interest in both fun climbing walls and bouldering increase drastically on a global scale. Airparx climbing installations make magnificent use of the floor space available, taking advantage of the height of buildings as well as wall area.

Safety First

The safety of our climbers is a top priority for us and that is why Airparx work directly with Head Rush technologies to install TRUBLUE IQ into all our customer’s installations and have on a number of occasions used BelayMate, a connection device for climbers using AutoBelays to increase safety and through put within the attraction.

Explore Our Range Of Features

All Airparx inflatable parks are created as a bespoke solution to fit your space. These instllations can combine features to create a unique user experience. Looking for inspiration why not check out some of our previous installations.


Stairway to Heaven
Quad Walls
Transparent Double Climbs
Speed Climbing
Interactive Climbing Walls

Stairway To Heaven

Ascend to the heavens on the Stairway to Heaven climb, challenges both your nerves as well as your stamina. This cylindrical shape climb involves stepping upwards in a spiral type motion. The climb can be up to 7m tall and with a variety of artwork available.

Requiring balance and concentration, this activity is great fun and exercise. Once you’ve reached the top you can either turn around and come back down the boring way or jump and gently glide to safety with aid of the auto belay system. Great as a family activity to see how far you dare climb, or race against one another to see who can set the fastest time.


Quad Wall

A space saving climbing wall, enables four climbing walls in the space of one. The quad wall system is a modular structure and can be constructed to meet your height requirements.

Offering a customisable experience with a range of wall artwork as well as grips. Your can create a truly striking climbing wall which is visually stimulating as it is to ascend.

The Quad Wall includes great safety features including the auto belay system which ensures the climber is safe at all times.


Transparent Climbing Walls

What could be more competitive than having your opponent facing you as you climb. The thrill and rush of trying to climb the wall before your opponent.

Our transparent climbing walls are designed and built to the highest standard ensuring, although they are thin, they are extremely strong. These climbing wall are visually stunning and give the appearance of the climber almost climbing on nothing but air.


Speed Climbing

Race to the top, whoever can climb the wall and press the big red button fastest wins. Our speed climbing walls, come with start button and stop buttons, which feed your time to leader board which is display on a large monitor. Great fun team building, you can once and for all prove you are the fastest.

Like the Quad Wall, these can be fully customised with a variety of different grips and artwork. Or choose your own style of background and grips to make it unique.

The Speed Climbing Wall includes great safety features including the auto belay system which ensures the climber is safe at all times.

Interactive Climbing Walls

Take climbing to the next level, with Interactive Climbing Walls by Airparx. Our walls offer an infinite number of possible climbing paths to match your experience level.

The colour coded rings which change according to the set difficulty setting. Also change during a climb to simulate a every changing environment as you ascend your climb.


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