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Airparx designed, manufactured and installed the very first indoor inflatable park ever, in Manchester, UK in 2017. Since that project, we have completed more installations than any other company on the planet and have established ourselves as the gold standard of the inflatable park industry.

Our back up and customer service is second to none, which is why so many people refer clients to us and why our clients come back to us time and again. We have a dedicated, in-house installation and servicing team on standby, ready to assist our customers wherever you may be.

Airparx: Simply the best.

If you are considering buying an inflatable park, don’t underestimate the importance of track record when choosing who you will work with. Airparx have a global infrastructure of 250 people to offer support and maintain your products. As the largest manufacturer of inflatable parks in the world, we have supplied some of the biggest names in the global FEC industry because we can demonstrate an unrivalled service in what we do. Airparx greatest asset is our huge European factory in which all our inflatable parks are designed and manufactured, nothing is subcontracted. You should always visit and check out suppliers to ensure that companies can back up what they promise to deliver and maintain.

Investment in Family Entertainment Centres across the globe keeps on increasing and inflatable parks are quickly becoming the most popular new feature for any site. They provide something fresh to add to existing centres or an exciting new opening.

Inflatable Parks: Low set up costs, quick turn arounds and impressive ROI

Explore Our Range Of Features

All Airparx inflatable parks are created as a bespoke solution to fit your space and our team of brilliant designers use a range of varied features to create interesting and unique play experiences.


Bounce Zone
Climbing Walls
Obstacle Courses
Pillar Cladding
Baby & Toddler


Games form an essential part of any park, breaking up the open bounce areas into feature destinations around the site. Whether you are looking to battle it out in our Demolition Zone, test your endurance on the Last One Standing or conquer your fears on a big Base Jump, Airparx have a range of single, dual and multi-player games to bring the FUN FACTOR.


If your building has a high ceiling, then a large platform slide is an absolute necessity! Slides are one of the most popular features of any inflatable theme park and there are plenty of different styles to choose from in the extensive Airparx range. We have Helter Skelter’s which slide you round corners, Mountain Climb slides accessible only to those brave enough to reach the top and Multi Lane slides where you can race against your friends. The only question to ask yourself is “Is one slide enough?”

Bounce Zones

In every inflatable park it is important to strike the balance between fun features and open plan bounce area. Large open bounce areas are the best way to increase the user numbers within your park and offer the purest bounce experience. Open bounce areas don’t have to be baron wastelands however, we like to include some smaller features such as stepping stones, hurdles and biff n bash within those open areas. Other uses for open bounce area include; fitness classes, rest areas, dodgeball and nerf games.

Climbing Walls

Exciting and exhilarating structures cleverly designed for both the adventurous high climbing thrill seeker and the less confident beginner all in one. Our climbing walls are manufactured in such a way that the climbing grips and holds can be easily maintained, repaired or updated to keep your feature looking perfect for longer. Our golden rule is that climbing walls on an inflatable park should lead onto another feature like a slide or base jump… Where will yours lead?

Obstacle Courses

One of the most unique benefits of inflatable parks is its ability make best use of the space. Our obstacle courses are kept separated away from the main area to allow older bounces to race and enjoy the competitive element of the park.  Airparx has a brilliant design team who create fun and challenging courses either completely from scratch or incorporating customer’s ideas and branding. Slides, hurdles, biff bash and climbing walls are all firm favourites which keep the customers racing and coming back time and again.

Pillar Cladding

Pillars are no problem for inflatable parks! Right from the beginning of the design process we work out creative ways to utilise your buildings pillars. Whether that means turning them into a giant wrap around slide or a series of individual challenges, Airparx will always deliver.

Baby and Toddler

One of the most unique benefits of inflatable parks is its ability to appeal to multiple age groups. Our baby and toddler zones are kept separated away from the main play space to give easy access to parents, and keep older bouncers away from young children. Airparx has a brilliant design team who create breath-taking themes either completely from scratch or incorporating customer mascots and colours. Ball ponds, soft play pieces and air jugglers will capture the imagination of your younger visitors and give them an experience to remember.

Mini Inflatable Parks

The perfect addition to any adventure park trying to enhance an area which is under utilised or needs a face lift. Airparx have designed and installed units which connect onto trampoline park walkways with a flush, vibrant and eye catching finishing. Mini Inflatable parks really help operators to offer a unique attraction which is quick to design, install and increase part occupancy and ROI.

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Airquee designers are always willing to develop new products. So if you have an idea, please get in touch with us; describe it and you will have it.

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