Discover Airparx’s Worldwide Installations in Inflatable and Trampoline Parks

Airparx has left its mark on every corner of the globe, from the icy landscapes of North Canada to the vibrant landscapes of East Asia. Our experienced installation teams have brought the excitement of Airparx products to diverse locations worldwide.

Explore Our Diverse Installations

On this page, we showcase a selection of our installations worldwide, ranging from compact spaces of approximately 350 square metres (4000 Sq ft) to expansive venues exceeding 10,000 square metres (110,000 Sq ft). These installations represent the breadth of Airparx’s product portfolio, offering a glimpse into the endless possibilities we provide.

Versatile Venue Transformations

Our installations have transformed various venues, including renowned Blockbuster cinemas like The Light, bustling shopping malls like Area 52 in Kosovo, and the prestigious Bluewater in London. But our reach extends beyond traditional spaces, with installations in repurposed warehouses, abandoned mills, industrial estates, and dynamic leisure centres.

At Airparx, we take pride in creating exciting entertainment destinations that captivate audiences across the world. Explore our diverse installations to see the magic of Airparx in action.

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