Bornem, Belgium, Europe

Sqm of Fun:

Up to:
200 Users

Airworld was Airparx’s first delivery to Belgium, delivered just outside Brussels. The client was new to the family entertainment industry and saw inflatable parks as the best client offering after visiting various shows, exhibitions and other businesses around the Benelux area.

The challenge for Airparx was to fill a huge expansive area littered with pillars throughout the space. It was also a specific wish of the client to have a DJ booth in the centre of the structure.

Thanks to our design capability and manufacturing experience, Airparx was ablet to integrate the park seamlessly around the structural pillars without sacrificing any play components in the airpark.

In addition, we designed this airpark to allow for further expansion in the future. The private owners of Airworld are already planning to open more inflatable parks, thanks to the success of this initial site.

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