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France, Europe

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30 Users

The final destination of this inflatable park was France once again!

Working with one of our European partners, we were given a small space within a play centre and told to come up with an inflatable answer. This park is less than 200m2 but despite its compact size, we have really packed in the features and fun factor. Its climbing wall, slides and dual lane obstacle courses keep their customers in continuous motion and always wanting to GO AGAIN!

Within the FEC there was already a trampoline park in operation and our inflatable was to work in tandem with it. This meant making sure that the park is managed properly when it comes to footwear.

Remember, if you are planning on running inflatable parks and trampolines together, you need to double check that the socks you are handing out to guests are appropriate. If you have any questions on this topic, please ask one of our experienced team members.

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