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Airparx by Airquee continually grow our portfolio of add on products specifically designed and selected to fill underperforming areas in your trampoline park or FEC. Our add-on features include inflatable games, interactive features and attractions, climbing activities and many more.


Airparx Add - on Key Points

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Quality design & construction
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Highest safety standards
Easy, medium and hard - Diffculty Levels key point
Full training, how to operate
Lightbulb - Technology key point
Innovative Technology
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Suitable for a vartiey of age ranges
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Professional construction & installation
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Customisable & bespoke
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3D design process
Easy, medium and hard - Diffculty Levels key point
Suitable for different competence levels
Features List
Add-on features for your park or family attraction

Airparx design and manufacture several add-on products that can be perfectly and easily retrofitted to your trampoline park, inflatable park or family entertainment centre. All of them are perfect for. Most of them have no installation costs and can be fitted without any major alteration to your existing equipment if you have some relatively small areas of free space.

At the core of these ideas and products are the following goals:

  1. They provide cost effective options for relaunch packages and refreshing the activity centre.
  2. The help turn one dimensional parks into multi-activity offerings or FEC.
  3. They are our current most popular products on the market.
  1. They Increase dwell time and user experience.
  2. Training is an easy extension if and when required.
  3. They can help increase revenue with genuine alternative play offerings, or they can be a significant added product differentiator.
  1. They can replace tired and unsafe equipment cost effectively.
  2. We can offer our products as turnkey solutions.
  3. They add a significant wow factor and they look great on social media campaigns.
Last One

The Wipeout game or Sweeper game is about 8m in diameter and fits into open spare spaces easily within trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds and any other kind of activity centre playground. In most cases it is designed for supervised games with 8 players and the concept is for the players to jump over and duck under the spinning arms as they rotate both clock wise and anti-clockwise towards the players at differing speeds that are all controlled by the supervisor through a simple to use and easy to operate control panel. We can design and manufacture the Wipeout Sweeper game to match the theme and branding of your park.

Drop Slides

Our drop slides are a great addition and great extra feature for your park. They are ideal for underutilised space at the fringes of the activity park because they take up such a slim long space. The mechanical winch inside the housing pulls the participant up backwards and then when they are ready, they let go to and drop vertically for a few metres feeling a rush and exhilaration which is unique to any other feeling, similar to parachuting and bungee jumping, without all the safety paraphernalia.

Gym Mat

Airparx has the best solution for your gymnast’s safety and comfort and an increasingly popular feature in any FEC. Whether you are looking for a full size mattress for floor routines, or you just need lanes to practice your tumbles, our Airtight Gym Mattress is the answer.

Airbags & Jump Towers

Airparx are one of the global leaders of inflatable air bags for the trampoline park industry. We have been manufacturing stunt mattresses, airbags and landing pads for the event industry for over 10 years and our 30 years of experience of inflatable manufacture makes us one of the most trusted suppliers of inflatable Airbags. In the early 2010’s we had laboratory tests on our airbags carried out over a period of several days with weeks of reporting carried out. Please contact us for more information about our airbags for trampoline parks.

Mini Airparx

Some customers maintain high visitor numbers but simply need to freshen up their offering or introduce something new. Our mini Airparx are perfect and often incorporated to less popular parks such as underutilised dodge ball areas and performance areas. As the global leader of inflatable parks and giant inflatables, Airparx are unrivalled in the ability to safely, swiftly and competently join mini inflatable parks to trampoline parks, soft play areas and climbing facilities.

Interactive Climbing Walls

Sometimes, centres want to add fun climbing or rock climbing and bouldering features to their existing parks without going to the expense of major fit out costs and wholesale changes their facilities. Airparx boasts over 30 designers, more than any leisure manufacturing company we are aware of in the world. That means we are able to competently and successfully plan installations of extra add-ons such as interactive climbing walls to fit around existing installations, often in underutilised areas of the family attractions that won’t compromise any of the existing play structures & play value. We can incorporate sounds, lighting, speed functions and many more interactive features to our climbing walls.

Interactive Sports Pitch

Our unique interactive sports pitch was a game changer and provided a unique, fun, cost effective and creative way to bring the World’s most popular game into the trampoline park & Family Entertainment market. We provide an entirely soft high quality and flat inflatable floor with our metal cage appearance covered in see through netting to allow easy visibility and supervision. The interactive goal panels and score boards are proven to be extremely robust and offer a fantastic alternative to the traditional indoor 5-a-side soccer concept.

Energy Obstacle Courses

This magnificent obstacle courses loses none of its excitement, adventure and appeal considering it’s compactness. A great opportunity is provided with our Energy Obstacle Course to dip your toe into the idea of ninja warrior in a completely fun and safe way for all age groups. As a totally movable object, you will be able to use the Energy inflatable obstacle course outside as a summer attraction on free space you have, such as a carpark, green area or other underused ground.

Football Darts

The Airparx football darts inflatable is a fantastic add-on to bring something different at very low cost. It takes up little space and is so light it can be moved almost anywhere. Taking up no more floor space than a few square metres, it can be used indoors, outdoors and almost any nook or cranny in the park. The idea is simple. Set your kicking point at any distance and see who can score the highest number of points with 3 balls aimed at the Velcro dartboard. The sticky ball sticks and the one with the highest score wins!

Add-ons Showcase


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Jump Jersey
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump

Why Airparx Add-ons?

  1. Europe’s biggest leisure manufacturer offering a complete FEC solution as a designer and manufacturer of trampoline parks, inflatable parks, soft play areas, modular playgrounds, fun climbing walls, bouldering walls, giant inflatables, zip lines and high ropes courses.
  2. Airparx will help you assess the feasibility for installing and operating a zip line in your choses space within the facility.
  3. Almost 300 employees across 4 factories and offices globally in the UK, Romania, Holland and USA means we have a global team of expert professionals
  4. Value for money. With the manufacturing infrastructure we have, we can design, build, install and maintain our products with our own in-house team without the need to outsource anything.
  5. Track record. With over 30 years in the leisure industry, we have a vast experience call upon to give you the best possible advice with the widest selection of products to offer a complete solution.
  6. Superior quality. We are renowned for delivering superior quality products using the best raw materials and manufacturing techniques
  7. Finance: our products are high quality with a super reputation which means we have access to the best finance lenders for asset finance and start-ups.
  8. Design superiority. With over 30 in house designers we can make sure you are supplied with the most striking and mind blowing designs to achieve your brand and style deserves.
  9. Manufacturing time. Because we manufacture everything ourselves, we control the entire process which means we are not dependent on outside contractors. We are never late because we manage the entire project.
  10. Backup service. One of the most crucial but overlooked parts of a purchase is backup service. Airparx has a global reputation for our backup service and infrastructure. It is why both the small independent operators as well as the multinational franchises use Airparx –are always there.
  11. Consultancy. We are more than just a manufacturer. Our involvement in the leisure sector for over 30 years means we have specialist members of staff who can help you define the write business plan with the right mix of products and best operational provision. We can hold your hand through the entire process.
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