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Airparx are the world leading inflatable park manufacturer and supplier of high quality inflatable parks. We created, designed, manufactured and installed the very first inflatable park in Manchester, UK in 2017.
Since then we have installed more than any other company on the planet. Our inflatable parks have proven the test of time with the longest operating facilities around the world.
Our back up and customer service is world-beating which is why so many people refer clients to us. We also have a dedicated in-house inflatable park installer team.


Airparx Inflatable Parks Key Points

Cog with a tick inside - Qualitykey point
Quality design & construction
Two hands with a tick in a circle above - Safetykey point
Highest safety standards
Easy, medium and hard - Diffculty Levels key point
Full training, how to operate
Lightbulb - Technology key point
Innovative Technology
Three different age faces - Age ratings key point
Suitable for a vartiey of age ranges
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Professional construction & installation
Measuring tape against a climbing wall - Different Heights key point
Cog and wand - Customise key point
Customisable & bespoke
Computer Screen - 3D Design key point
3D design process
Easy, medium and hard - Diffculty Levels key point
Suitable for different competence levels
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We are the World’s leading Inflatable Park Manufacturer

Airparx know how to take your idea and dreams and transform it into a massively profitable and sustainable business through the creation of an inflatable park. We have installed more giant inflatable projects all over the world than any other producer, manufacturer and suppliers of inflatable parks.

Our expertise in building
Inflatable Parks:

If you are considering buying an inflatable park, don’t underestimate the importance of track record when choosing who you will work with. Airparx by Airquee have the global infrastructure of 250 people to offer support and maintain your products. As Europe’s largest manufacturer of inflatables we have supplied some of the major global brands and organisations with inflatable parks because we can demonstrate an unrivalled service in what we do. Airquee manufacture Airparx in our own manufacturing facilities, nothing is subcontracted. You should always visit and check out suppliers to be sure that companies can back up what they promise to deliver and maintain.
The children and family entertainment industry continues to change and evolve and inflatable parks continue to grow in popularity. They provide something fresh to add to existing centres or an exciting new opening. Many areas in the UK and Europe still don’t have inflatable parks so now is a good time to invest.

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Games Variety


Clients testimonial


“Darren and I just wanted to pass on our thanks to you all for all your help and support throughout the whole project.The park is even more amazing than we could have imagined. ”
Darren and Linda, Innoflate Limited

“After speaking to several inflatable park suppliers, Airparx were the company that were able to meet my needs with quality, price, and lead times.”
Maciek from Funsport, GoAir

man racing to the top of the speed climing wall and reaching to press the stop buzzer
lady starting to climb up tetris style climbing wall
man speed climbing up chess board style climbing wall
tetris style climbing wall
speed climbing wall graphic


Speed Climbing Wall

Games form an essential part of any park, breaking up the open bounce areas into feature destinations around the site. Airparx have a range of single, dual and multi-player games to bring the FUN FACTOR.

• Rock 'n' Roll

• Multi Sports Arena

• Demolition

• Swing

• Bouncing Balls

• Dash 'n' Grab

• Wakka Wall

• Unclimbable Ladder

• Base Jump

• Basketball

• Bungee Run

• Warrior Wall

• Last One Standing

man climbing quad climbing wall
lady climbing quad climbing wall with bespoke climbing wall next to her
lady descending down climbing wall
man climbing up brightly coloured quad climbing wall
Quad climbing wall graphic


Image is not available

Not all slides have to be straight up and down. Why not look for something different with a wavy descent on your slide.

• High Platform Slides

• Helter Skelter

• Helter Skelter

• Panoramic Slide

• Multi Lane Central Slide

• Octopus Slide

• Wavy Slide

• Base Jump with Drop Slide

• Turbo Slide

• Mountain Climb Slide

• Single Lane Slide

• Jump & Slide Climbing Wall

Bounce Zones
interactive climbing wall, with custom background
interactive climbing wall with timer
2 men on interactive climbing wall
2 men on interactive climbing wall
interactive climbing wall graphic

Bounce Zones

Image is not available

In every inflatable park it is important to strike the balance between fun features and open plan bounce area. Large open bounce areas are the best way to increase the user numbers within your park and offer the purest bounce experience. Other uses for open bounce area include; fitness classes, rest areas, dodgeball/nerf games.

• Stepping Stones

• Biff 'n' Bash

• Bubbly Bed

• Hump Bed

Climbing Walls
interactive climbing wall, with custom background
interactive climbing wall with timer
interactive climbing wall with timer
2 men on interactive climbing wall
interactive climbing wall graphic

Climbing Walls

Image is not available

Exciting and exhilarating structures cleverly designed for both the adventurous high climbing thrill seeker and the less confident beginner all in one.

Obstacle Course
2 people racing against each other, face to face on a interactive slimbing wall
lady starting to climb transparent climbing wall
person climbing a transparent climbing wall
speed climbing wall, transparent climbing wall and stariway to heaven climb
transparent climbing wall graphic

Obstacle Courses

Image is not available

Mixing jumping up-and-down with exploring up-and-under, assault courses bring an adventurous element to your park. Making your park interactive will enhance your visitors’ experience and give it that something different to help you stand out from the crowd.

PIllar Cladding
Person stepping onto Stairway to heaven climb
Adult walking across top of Stairway to heaven climb
Child on top of stairway to heaven ready to jump from top
Stairway to heaven climb
Stairway to heaven graphic

Pillar Cladding

Image is not available

Pillars are no problem for inflatable parks! Right from the beginning of the design process we work out creative ways to utilise your buildings pillars. Whether that means turning them into a giant wrap around slide or a series of individual challenges, Airparx will always deliver.

Baby and Toddler
interactive climbing wall, with custom background
interactive climbing wall with timer
interactive climbing wall with timer
2 men on interactive climbing wall
interactive climbing wall graphic

Baby and Toddler

Image is not available

Our baby and toddler zones are kept separated away from the main play space to give easy access to parents, and keep older bouncers away from young children.

• Bugs Den Play Bed

• Soft play

• Ball Pond

• Personalized Chilling Zone

• Biff Bash Tunnel

• Tic Tac Toe

• Air Jugglers

Inflatable Theme Park


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Jump Jersey
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Jump Jersey
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump
Street Jump

Why Airparx?

From our UK headquarters to our European production facility, wherever you are in the world, we can provide the ultimate inflatable park experience. Airparx designs, prints, manufactures and installs your bespoke inflatable park, taking you from that first phone call through to continued customer service long after you take your first bounce.

Why buy an inflatable park from Airparx? With 25 years’ experience in the inflatables industry and a team of experts in the design, build, installation and maintenance of inflatables, you can be sure that what you imagine will be what you get (within the realms of reality, of course!).

Everything we design and manufacture is built to the highest standard and where applicable is EN14960 compliant.

One of the most profitable leisure industry investments for quarter of a century.

Our giant inflatable parks have transpired to be one of the most profitable leisure industry investments.

  1. Lower insurance costs
  2. More participants per square meter/square foot
  3. Lower initial investments per square metre /sq foot

Although highly technical in design and manufacture, our giant inflatable parks are essentially an advancement of the giant bouncy castle. Huge bags of air that are soft in every aspect of play. That makes our inflatable parks unique to any other aspect of play because there are no hard objects anywhere and anybody can play in what are arguably the most safe play environments on the planet.

The process

Our general experience in the leisure business means we are able to guide you through every step of introducing a giant inflatable park into your business. Airparx is not only a designer, manufacturer, supplier, installer and maintenance provider of inflatable parks. We have a 30 year history in the leisure industry and we’ve been at the forefront of every major trend in the leisure market. We also manufacture and supply soft play areas, trampoline parks, modular indoor playgrounds, ninja obstacle courses, high ropes course and zip lines. We’ve worked with small family run businesses as well as multinational franchises and conglomerates and the process is always similar if you want to be successful.

  1. The initial call and idea. Whether you are just starting out to find a location or you already have a place and you want to bolster your offering, our consultants will help you guide you on the space and environment we need to work with.
  2. We will then maximise the space available, making sure the flow of activity and business will be right for your location, whether as a standalone inflatable park, or fitting in with other activities such as soft play modular playgrounds or trampolines.
  3. We will create the most cutting edge, visually stunning and value for money design to maximise your budget in the space we have to work with.
  4. When we’ve created the design, our installer will visit to make sure the final measurements and preparations are correct and we will start to manufacture the park in earnest.
  5. When the park is finished, photographed, filmed and passed for quality control it will be delivered by dedicated truck and/or sea container to your facility where it will be unloaded.
  6. Our team will then arrive to install the park within 2-5 days.
  7. We offer comprehensive training and operational advice with daily maintenance routines and vital supervisory guidance.
  8. We then return every year to carry out an onsite inspection, checking for condition and safe continued use.
  9. We provide full backup service to the point where none of our customers have had a single down day due to damage or breaks.
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