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Zip lines

Airparx by Airquee are one of the UK’s leading zip line manufacturers and supply companies. We have the skills and knowledge to design and manufacture as well as install & maintain zip wires for both indoor and outdoor use. We manufacture all platforms and structures in-house while incorporating the best and safest accessor ropes, harnesses and wires on the market providing our customers with fabulous value for money.

Zip Lines are a superb attraction that provide a great thrill with high throughput. With fantastic use of high up spaces that is often underutilised, Airparx can help you increase revenue while giving the ultimate adrenaline pump to your visitors. Airparx design the landing and arrival platforms, tailored to either your indoor or outdoor space. Our in-house structural engineers and designers will liaise with all building and planning authorities to give you a one-stop solution. All accessories are quoted for and supplied which means you don’t have to think about a thing, including on-site supervisor and operational training.

Airparx zip lines

Airparx design, manufacture and install zip lines however we are one of the only suppliers that focus and specialise on indoor zip line installations for the FEC market. To accomplish a successful indoor zip line there are technical and practical considerations you need to consider to build the perfect zip line in your facility.

Because Airparx is not a manufacturer of only one product such as zip lines, it means we are not biased or desperate to sell a zip line when it is the wrong thing to do. Unfortunately, some facilities simply are not appropriate for zip line installations and when they are not, we will tell you. in fact, more than 50% of our enquiries for indoor zip lines never get to the quotation stage because they simply won’t work. We will tell you when that is the case and our customers appreciate that trait in our consultancy behaviour. Very often, we can identify and offer more appropriate solutions that Airparx offer to satisfy a requirement, such as climbing walls, high ropes courses, parkour courses or ninja obstacle courses.

Key considerations for your zip line

A commercial zip line is an incredibly sophisticated construction where scientific calculations and engineering need to be engaged.

  • Is there clear space between the take-off and landing platforms for trailing legs?
  • Can we attain a gradient of between 1 & 3 degrees over the span
  • Is the floor or mezzanine floor space suitable for the weight and fixings that platforms will require?
  • Can you acquire the relevant building control and planning permissions for the zip line?
  • Can our team get the time required to deliver, install, test and train on your zip line?

Why Airparx zip lines

  • Europe’s biggest leisure manufacturer offering a complete FEC solution as a designer and manufacturer of trampoline parks, inflatable parks, soft play areas, modular playgrounds, fun climbing walls, bouldering walls, giant inflatables, zip lines and high ropes courses.
  • Airparx will help you assess the feasibility for installing and operating a zip line in your choses space within the facility.
  • Almost 300 employees across 4 factories and offices globally in the UK, Romania, Holland and USA means we have a global team of expert professionals
  • Value for money. With the manufacturing infrastructure we have, we can design, build, install and maintain our products with our own in-house team without the need to outsource anything.
  • Track record. With over 30 years in the leisure industry, we have a vast experience call upon to give you the best possible advice with the widest selection of products to offer a complete solution.
  • Superior quality. We are renowned for delivering superior quality products using the best raw materials and manufacturing techniques
  • Finance: our products are high quality with a super reputation which means we have access to the best finance lenders for asset finance and start-ups.
  • Design superiority. With over 30 in house designers we can make sure you are supplied with the most striking and mind blowing designs to achieve your brand and style deserves.
  • Manufacturing time. Because we manufacture everything ourselves, we control the entire process which means we are not dependent on outside contractors. We are never late because we manage the entire project.
  • Backup service. One of the most crucial but overlooked parts of a purchase is backup service. Airparx has a global reputation for our backup service and infrastructure. It is why both the small independent operators as well as the multinational franchises use Airparx –are always there.
  • Consultancy. We are more than just a manufacturer. Our involvement in the leisure sector for over 30 years means we have specialist members of staff who can help you define the write business plan with the right mix of products and best operational provision. We can hold your hand through the entire process.
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