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What you get with an Airparx Inflatable Theme Park

Airparx by Airquee is the world’s leading and biggest supplier of inflatable theme parks. The details are what matter and if you are considering buying and inflatable park to convert your trampoline park or warehouse / barn, you should check out the companies you are considering as your supplier because it is a huge investment to make badly!

From enquiry to after-sales service, Airquee is synonymous with quality and reliability which is second-to-none in the global inflatable industry. Our track record in the supply of inflatable parks is equally unrivalled. Contact any of our clients to discover how proficient we are in both the design, manufacture, supply and back up service of our Airparx. Here are some of the differences and important details you will receive and experience with Airparx.

  • Airparx specialist & technical sales people who will support you through every stage of the buying process. They have unparalleled knowledge of latest trends, what works and what doesn’t, what is safe and what is not, what children love and what they don’t.
  • Dedicated project managers and designers who will guide you through the process getting ready for manufacture and install. They will also liaise with local health and safety representatives, testing bodies, certification houses and other governmental and private institutions.
  • Site visits to measure-up as many times as are necessary.
  • Global Installation teams to install everything for you and provide initial testing and inspection on-site.
  • Free spare parts of removable and replaceable items that are prone to wear and tear. Our experience tells us what areas of the inflatable park will show signs of use faster than other parts and we have tried, tested and unique ways to increase longevity, prolong durability and make quick maintenance & repairs possible. We aim to minimise downtime and our track record substantiates that we do.
  • Spare materials and machinery all in the price. Included in the price you pay are unlimited visits after install for the first year along with all materials and machinery that allow our servicing and repairs team to come and fix your park at the drop of a hat. We pre-book flights in many cases to make sure we can get to you with all necessary tools and machinery ready at your location to just start work. We make mobile work benches and other important items to help us get stuck in immediately. This is all included in the price you pay.
  • Telephone support. Airquee has over 250 staff and much of the time small problems can be fixed with guidance over the phone. As we are based in more than 3 countries we nearly always have someone on hand to help somewhere. A friendly and knowledgeable voice can often bring a great deal of calm and reassurance to a situation if something isn’t quite right.

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